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HKSID 20th Anniversary


From Conception to Birth

The AIDS pandemic first sparked off unprecedented interests in the study of infectious diseases a decade ago. Recent sensational coverage in the media and Internet of killer viruses (viral haemorrhagic fevers caused by Ebola, Hanta, Dengue etc.), flesh-eating bug (group A beta-haemolytic Streptococcus), The next plague (tuberculosis) and Mad cow disease (spongiform encephalopathy, variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease) further fueled the quest for knowledge about emerging and reemerging infectious diseases.

It is with this background of rekindled interests that a number of medical practitioners have gathered together to serve these common goals :

  • To promote the advancement of the study of infectious diseases
  • To keep the medical profession and the public well informed of the latest developments in the battle against infectious agents

The Hong Kong Society For Infectious Diseases (HKSID) was founded on 4/12/1995. Following its official inauguration on 7/5/1996, the Society has entered the medical arena, ready for challenges towards the next millennium.